Belgisch Film Festival in Utrecht (2016)


Terrific to spend a summer evening in the city at Ledig Erf watching an open air screening of Belgica (2016) Directed by Felix van Groeningen. Pleased to discover  Maureen Prins is  proprietor and director of the touring film company hired to present this screening. We, Jean and I, first met Maureen in the UK when she was a student in the 1990’s, in Sheffield. Meeting up again in her home country is very special.

Any friends with keen perception may be entertained to note that Jean and I are to be found right in the very middle of the audience, directly under the large parasol at the back nearest the bar. It is almost beyond coincidence to further discover this photograph is an independently made publicity shot we would first see ‘by chance’ at Louis Hartlooper Complex a few weeks later whilst having a meal. There is of course no such thing as coincidence. Thanks Maureen. A memorable night.

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