Lee House: Motif & Colour Space (2015)

The concern for me in this series is to situate the central motif in the space assumed by a physical object and use colour space to question its legitimacy. It matters to me that the images do not sit quietly. It is also important that the central motif offers resistance to the idea of a storytelling textual narrative. ‘Yellow Space With Object’ works particularly well for not gifting the viewer any easy ways out. I think this is to do with the painting having a bright and unremitting glare and its relation to the idea of landscape being overwritten by minimalism.

There are six works in this series, all made with acrylic on canvas at a common size: 51 x 40.5 cm. Many thanks to Ikuko Tsuchiya for taking the original high resolution photographs from which the lower resolution digital files shown above are made.

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